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Be More Musical

Have you ever struggled with learning music? Music is a language and must be learned systematically. GoBomba! is an interactive learning platform that helps you be more musical while making you smarter. Its designed to help you learn the fundamentals of music thoroughly and build your skills step by step.  

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Safe and Sound

Traveling abroad and want a quick check in with your loved ones back home? The Globetrotters Safe and Sound app helps you connect with family and friends at the touch of a button. Spend less on text messages and data and more on sightseeing with this easy-to-use system. Available in any country on iOS and Android, the Globetrotters Safe and Sound app is great if you:

  • Travel for work, school or pleasure
  • Want to let people know you have arrived safely at your destination
  • Are on the road and want to check in at home quickly
  • Run into bad weather and need to let people know you are okay
  • Travel in dangerous regions and want quick and easy check ins at home
  • Are a student and want to let your institution’s international office know that you are safe
  • Are out for the evening and want to let folks know you have arrived home safely
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